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The massive Iono-Music boss Mindbenderz & Dj-Cubixx will be putting on an amazing debut show with support from Altered State & The Adults Want Psytrance in The Sound House.

Decor from the wonderful Fractal SOUL Décor.



Mindbenderz: http://soundcloud.com/mindbenderz

Mindbenderz is a new collaboration between two creative artists that decided to share their common interest of exploring and bending new sonicscape. The duo consists of DJ Cubixx, aka Mattias Sperlich.

Cubixx - http://soundcloud.com/cubixx-1

Matthias is also the Head of the iconic label Iono Music from Berlin, Germany, and Philip Guillaume, aka Motion Drive, Blue Vortex and Rumble Pack, from Switzerland. Together they combine decades of experience of both mixing and making electronic dance music, and thousands of miles playing in the top dance floors across the world such as Voov, Fusion, Antaris, Ozora. Adding to this recipe their individual interests and expertise, they create a special kind of sound that takes their rich musical past into the next level of art.

Altered State: http://soundcloud.com/alteredstatepsy

David Sheehan a.k.a Altered State is a well apprised Irish Dj and Producer. He is highly considered at the forefront of the Irish Psytrance scene, this being purely based on his ample talents as both an entertainer and a producer.

He has just had his 2nd #1 release on Beatport with his Ep Visuals on Iono Music.

Altered State has tracks released on Iboga Records, Iono Music, Tesseractstudio, Blue Tunes Records, Furthur Progressions, Yellow Sunshine Explosion & more.

He also is the Label Director of the Australian based label Psytrance Critical Overload where he will collectively oversee the artistic development of recording artists and talent scouting.

Altered State is the ultimate entrepreneur and the epitome of potential. His genuine dexterity will shed nothing only stardom upon his journey through the great and almighty dance scene of today & is certainly a Dj not to be missed.

TAWP: http://soundcloud.com/TAWP

The Adults Want Psytrance (TAWP) is a progressive psytrance producer and DJ who has on the psychedelic music culture a way of life.
Highly influenced by Pink Floyd since the early ages, has joined psychedelic electronic music scene in middle 00's. Firstly DJing as a pure hobby on small friend parties, soon started studying and getting into writing & production in 2010, since when are spending the whole free time to his major life passion.
Since settled in Ireland, has been a frequent name on the biggest psytrance parties & festivals and had been sharing the decks with guys such Sensient, Avalon, Captain Hook, GMS, 1200mics, Zeamoon, 28 Live, Otezuka, Hyper Frequencies, Pedro Squee, Subsaharan & many more.

*The Adults Want Psytrance* is obviously a wannabe-funny joke teasing the well know variant "The Kids Want Techno"