RIKAM  is a pioneer of the psychedelic trance scene in Quebec - Canada for almost 25 years & the label manager of  TechSafari Records

He started organizing Goa - trance events in Québec (Canada) in 1994 and quickly brought notoriety to the local scene with events like  “Tranceworld”  in Trois-Rivières (1995) with legendary  Goa Gil  and the 3D event in Montreal (1997) in collaboration with  Dj Nivoc 
bringing together renowned artists from the time like  Tsuyoshi Suzuki  &  Sid Shanti  

2003  started the  Eclipse Festival Canada  with  TechSafari Productions    
2005 became the representative for the label  Neurobiotic Records  with artists like  Edoardo / Zen Mechanics / Earthling / Polaris / Altom  &  Joti Sidhu (Psychaos)  

2013 major step forward by creating his own label:  TechSafari Records  
The label quickly released excellent tracks and albums by artists from all over the world. 

Rikam  has a soul that moves people to action. He has played at numerous events and festivals in Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Morocco, Thailand, India (Goa), Japan, Nepal, the United States , Canada and recently across Europe.

His excellent compilation  “Seeds of Imagination”  was released on  TechSafari Records  and provides good examples of the energetic styles both  “Progressive"  &  "Full on”  he enjoys mostly sharing with the dance floor.